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Akkerdoppies wants to reach out to at least 30 early childhood development centers and help the children to be ready for school, by means of training and empowering the teachers and parents of such children. We follow a holistic approach and ensure that the children receive high quality education and stimulation in the following areas: Gross motor-, fine motor-, perceptual-, life skills and language development.

We reach out to children who need it the most, so that they can reach their full potential.

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To give every child a fair chance to develop their full potential and be ready for school.

To empower teaching staff and parents by means of early childhood development programs and resources, so that the children will be ready for school and complete their school career with success.

We do a need analysis at each school to determine which building blocks of development are at risk with both children and teachers. These shortfalls are then addressed by means of training, mentoring, workshops and ensuring access to resources and educational materials.
Both children and teachers’ progress are monitored and evaluated on a regular basis.


“Our staff are more confident, structured and they know exactly how to stimulate the children. They also know how to stimulate all areas of development in order for the children to have improved independence and discipline.”


Jesse Keet Crèche

“I’ve learnt how to identify delays and what to do about it. I know what to do with the children every week and their participation has improved so much.”


Teacher, 4-5 year class

This process takes 3 to 5 years per school:

Year 1:

Training of general childhood development
Optimal structuring and organizing of learning environment
Making educational materials out of recycled materials
Mentorship in monitoring and evaluation of children.
Guidance and tools for monitoring and evaluation of staff.

Year 2:

Purchasing of educational resources
Ongoing mentorship and training

Year 3:

Implementing all aspects of training and educational program

Year 4:


Evaluating and decreasing of mentorship

Year 5:

Final evaluation and monitoring in terms of sustainability


10 Year Plan

By 2031 we want to enable at least 30 schools in the Stellenbosch community to have their children ready for school.

Each school will have access to 5 years of support and guidance, so that they will be able to continue and built on the
intervention received.

Our team of therapists

Maré Smit

Maré Smit

Project Manager

Jacqueline Cupido

Jacqueline Cupido

Occupational Therapist

Franzele Fairman

Franzele Fairman

Occupational Therapist

Jessica Higgs

Jessica Higgs

Occupational Therapist

Programme outputs 2022


School/Organisation Current and future children benefitting from Akkerfikelela over 5 years Area in Stellenbosch Phase during 2022
Jesse Keet Chreche 750 children Idas Vallei Phase 3
Nora Tyres 500 children Cloetesville Phase 2
Kylemore creche 500 children Kylemore Phase 2
Sizamile 400 children Kayamandi Phase 2
Speelkring 200-750 children Idas Valley Phase 1
Little Builders 110 children Cloetesville Phase 1
Siyanda 140 children Kayamandi Phase 1
Zenzele 260 children Kayamandi Phase 1
Umthombo 195 children Kayamandi Phase 1
Pumpkin Patch 130 children Cloetesville Phase 1
Akkerland 100 children Jonkershoek Phase 1
Vision Afrika 740 children Kayamandi Phase 1

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