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The Bursary

To make Akkerdoppies affordable to all, we initiated a Bursary fund. Parents can apply for a bursary and the bursary is paid out of the bursary fund.

Currently, 66% of the children attending Akkerdoppies Pre-Primary have qualified for a bursary. Our aim is to increase this percentage to 70%.

The school fees amount to R1,300.00 per month.
A maximum bursary of R950.00 per month is awarded to selected applicants.




Who can apply for a bursary?

Bursaries are awarded after evaluating the following:

  • The net income (before deductions) of both parents; and
  • The number of children a parent has attending school.
  • If the value of the bursary amounts to R1050.00 per month, the parent will be responsible for paying the balance of R300.00 per month to make up the total monthly fee of R1500.00.
  • The bursary is awarded for 12 (twelve) months only, whereafter the income eligibility of the parents will be reviewed to determine whether the bursary will be extended.
  • If an applicant fails to provide any of the information, the application will not be processed, and the full school fee of R1,300.00 will apply.
  • Forms to be handed out on request after application.

* Any bursary holder whose attendance is not satisfactory could lose their bursary.

* Akkerdoppies Pre-Primary reserves the right to change any of the above-mentioned points without an explanation to the bursary holder or parent.


Documents to Submit

In order to qualify for the bursary, please submit in person (for both father and mother) the following items:

  • Application Form (please collect in person from the school)
  • ID
  • Pay slip
  • Bank statement
  • Police declaration (Affidavit) – please see below for info required

Police Declaration Requirements

  • If the child’s grandparents are paying, we still need to see what the income of the parents is.
  • If one or both of the parents are unemployed you must go to the police station and make a declaration that you are unemployed.
  • You must fill in the father of the child’s information even if you are not living together or if you are divorced.
  • If you do not know where the child’s father is or has no contact with him, you must go to the police station and make a declaration that you don’t know where he is and that you do not receive any income or support from him.
  • If you are self-employed, you must go to the police station and make a declaration that you are self-employed and what you earn roughly per month.
  • Please note that if you lie whilst making a declaration at the police station, it is a criminal offence.